Yeah! I’m in this world. I’m going to share my life time in this post. Lets read!

  • My PAST
  • Like others i don’t know what happen when i was born. But as my family told me that when you born all family was happy. I was the fifth child of the family. My father provided me my first feed. Slowly i started growing. 1st month my mother made me rich. Soon my mother fallen a pray to illness and my new food was packed milk. After all i became a baby of one year. I started growing fast year by year and then i was a child of four years. My family thought to make me a student. I took admission in our village’s school The Govt. High School. I went fast in study and got inspired. A far as i go, i became a popular student of the school. It was a great moment and i can never forget it when i took 1st position in my 3rd class. This inspired me more and in 4th class i took 2nd and in 5th,6th and 7th class i took 1st position. That was a time when i made hatrick of 1st position. After that my bad days started. In 8th class i got some bad boys and lost all inspirations. As a result i was not enough successfull in that year and just took 6th position in class. Thank GOD that after seen of 8th class result i tried to get back and took 2nd position in class in 9th class exams with 80% marks. Now i have taken the exams of 10 class. Here’s my now starts.

  • My NOW
  • My now is filled with luck, happiness and expectations. Although i’ve felt a pray to illness these days but soon it will be a great news that now i’m completley fit and hit. Todays i am simply going with Internet. I’m doing a lot of activities on Internet. Major of them are blogging, earning at fanbox and social networking. Along with Internet i’m also learning HTML and CSS because my plan is to be a Web Builder.

  • As I think my future ip lovely, bright,shiny and safe. In future i want to be a Web Builder and Computer Master. After my vocations i’ll take apart in ICS and after that i’ll go for a Master in Computer Science in UNI. After my completing my study, i’ll get a job and will past my life with peace.

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